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Power Type Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor

Short Description:

Product Features

1. Small size, high power, strong ability to suppress surge current

2. Fast reaction speed, large material constant (B value), small residual resistance

3. Long life, high reliability, full range, wide application range

Product Detail

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NTC thermistor is a terminal where the temperature rises and the resistance value falls, and is used for temperature sensors. The company’s NTC thermistors use high-precision and high-sensitivity segments. There are various models such as surface mount and lead wires. They are used for inrush current suppression and temperature compensation. There are chip type, lead type and other product series. Available for selection.

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Application Scenario



LED lights

LED lights



Rice cooker

Rice cooker

Induction cooker

Induction cooker

Power supply

Power supply



washing machine

Washing machine

NTC Thermistor Application

Air conditioning equipment, heating equipment, adapters, liquid level sensors, automotive electronics, medical electronics, etc.

General precision temperature measurement and temperature compensation in metering equipment and electronic circuits.

Production Process

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Lead Forming

1. Lead Forming

The combination of lead and chip

2. The Combination of Lead and Chip


3. Soldering

Soldering Inspection

4. Soldering Inspection

Epoxy Resin Coating

5. Epoxy Resin Coating


6. Baking

Laser Printing

7. Laser Printing

Electrical Performance Test

8. Electrical Performance Test

Appearance Inspection

9. Appearance Inspection

Lead Cutting or Pulling out

10. Lead Cutting or Pulling Out

FQC and Packing

11. FQC and Packing

Advanced Production Equipment

Our company adopts advanced production equipment and instruments, and organizes production in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 and TS16949 systems. Our production site adopts "6S" management, ensuring the stability and reliability of products. We produce products of various specifications in accordance with International Electrotechnical Standards (IEC) and Chinese National Standards (GB).




JEC factories have passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 management certification. JEC products strictly implement GB standards and IEC standards. JEC safety capacitors and varistors have passed multiple authoritative certifications including CQC, VDE, CUL, KC , ENEC and CB. JEC electronic components comply with ROHS, REACH\SVHC, halogen and other environmental protection directives, and meet the EU environmental protection requirements.

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