The Use of Supercapacitors in Solar Energy Storage

When supercapacitors are used in solar energy storage, they are simply understood as a storage battery, but they have more advantages than ordinary batteries, and they have the function of free absorption and discharge, making the products more convenient to use.


At present, the use of supercapacitors is becoming more and more widespread, and the application scenarios are becoming more and more abundant. So what are the features of supercapacitors in solar energy?


In solar power storage, the position of the supercapacitor (storage battery) is connected to the back of the solar cell controller, and the supercapacitor collects the power emitted by the solar cell in the supercapacitor, and reuses it when needed.

supercap solar system

The emergence of supercapacitors has also covered some of the shortcomings of the previous solar batteries. For example, the charging time of the previously used batteries is very long, but the service life is very short, and the disposal is not environmentally friendly. However, supercapacitors almost offset all these shortcomings.


As a fast-charging, long-life, green and environmentally friendly energy storage component, supercapacitors have brought new vitality to the development of solar energy products. However, the withstand voltage of supercapacitors is low and they are sensitive to the maximum charging voltage. Generally, their withstand voltage is only 2.7 voltage and voltage equalization is required to prevent damage to individual supercapacitors due to excessive voltage.


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Post time: Mar-10-2023