How Voltage Influences the Self-healing of Film Capacitor?

Speaking of film capacitors, everyone may think of its advantages and applications. The impedance of the film capacitor is very high, the frequency characteristic is excellent, the medium loss is small, and it can realize self-healing. Does the relationship between voltage and voltage have any bearing on the self-healing of film capacitors? This article will tell you about the self-healing properties of film capacitors.

The self-healing properties of film capacitors are divided into discharge self-healing and electrochemical self-healing. Because of this feature, most of the time the film capacitor does not need to be replaced when it is damaged. In many cases, it can self heal. Therefore, it can reduce the cost of replacing the capacitor, the cost of maintenance, troubleshooting, and delay the time when the machine fails. This is the advantages of self-healing properties of film capacitors.

How Voltage Influences the Self-healing of Film Capacitor

The application of external force will affect the film capacitor. In order to realize self-healing, there must be a certain amount of action at the breakdown point of the surrounding system to form a solid area where the metal is removed, but if the amount released is too much, the adjacent medium will be damaged and cause new breakdown, so as to cause repeated breakdown of the medium, which will cause the medium to burn and self-heal at the breakdown point. It can be seen that in order to obtain sufficient self-healing halo area and prevent adjacent media from being damaged, the self-healing discharge amount must be controlled within a certain range. The amount of dissipation in the self-healing zone is an important parameter that affects the self-healing performance.

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Post time: Nov-24-2021