Film Capacitor or Electrolytic Capacitor for EVs?

Common means of transportation in cities are bicycle, e-bikes, buses and subways, etc. Some people buy cars for convenience. Although cars are fast and convenient, they also have disadvantages: the fuel used is more expensive, and the exhaust gas emitted by cars is harmful, which is not friendly to people and the environment. The global warming caused by the global warming effect is related to the exhaust fumes emitted by automobiles. In order to solve this problem, new energy vehicles were born. With their advantages such as low price, environmental protection, energy saving, and easy maintenance, they are a better choice for many people to buy cars.


There is an important component in electric vehicles: capacitor. Capacitor, as one of the three major passive devices, is an indispensable and important component of the hardware circuit of electronic equipment. With energy storage function, it is an electronic component composed of two insulated conductors and an insulating dielectric that are close to each other.


Capacitors are generally used in three places in a car: energy storage, motor and electronic control. Basic functions such as filtering, absorption and resonance of capacitors help build the core electronic control system of new energy vehicles. Capacitors used in new energy vehicles include electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors.


In the power supply of electric vehicles, it is necessary to use high withstand voltage capacitors for smoothing and filtering. The interior of the car usually has a harsh working environment, requiring capacitors with high temperature resistance, high reliability, and long service life.

 film capacitor electrolytic capacitors for electric vehicles

Both electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors are used in electric vehicles, so which one of them is more suitable for electric vehicles?


Film capacitors have a wide operating temperature range, generally -40°C~+105/110°C, and have good temperature characteristics, and can be used normally no matter it is cold or hot. However, electrolytic capacitors are more sensitive to temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, the capacitance will decrease, the working time will be shortened, and in severe cases, it will be damaged.


This is why film capacitors are more suitable for electric vehicles than electrolytic capacitors.


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Post time: Mar-15-2023